How does Expert Shields PPE for Cars, Trucks and SUVs work?

Protecting family, friends and coworkers while helping to stop the spread of COVID- 19 is an issue that concerns us all. In this post, we tell you everything you should know about Expert Shields PPE and how it works. 

Expert Shields PPE is a transparent vinyl sheet that allows you to safely separate the driver and passengers without compromising the structural integrity or the safety of your vehicle. The clear and reliable protective partition helps block the spread of the virus. 

Expert Shields PPE is composed of two pieces: 

  • Main Shield: 54 x 44 cm shield that divides the space of the driver and co-pilot 

from the rear seat line. 

  • Partition: 32 x 36 cm secondary shield that divides the space between the 

driver and the co-pilot. Second partition would divide the space between the passengers sitting in the rear seats of the vehicle. 

The vinyl sheets can be installed on any vehicle regardless of make, model, or size, are easily adjustable and can be removed in a matter of minutes. 

Don't wait any longer to buy this innovative product and travel safer. 

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