About Us

About Expert Shields – An Invention of Love

Expert Shields PPE is a Canadian-Made product designed to create a full vinyl barrier between the driver and passengers to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The barriers, do not damage the vehicle during install, they do not damage the structural integrity of the vehicle, and are easily removable and washable.

The creation of this product came from a simple mission: Safe transport for a cancer patient. Brij, the founder of Expert Shields, faced a seemingly insurmountable challenge amidst the pandemic; safe travel for himself and his father, who is in the late stages of cancer, to and from the hospital. This needed to be done safely and without compromising his father's health while confined in the small space of a vehicle.

After searching long and hard for a solution and finding only unsafe plexiglass options, Brij decided to take matters into his own hands. Brij and a team of experts developed a safe and affordable solution. Expert Shields was created in a time of urgent need in order to provide a solution for not only him and his father, but for the many other families, workers, transportation services, etc. who need safe transport during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“My father is a late stage cancer patient. I wanted to transport him to the hospital, and have both of us in the same vehicle at the same time. I figured many people had a similar problem but there was no solution. My team and I came up with one. Now we can be in the same vehicle, safely.”

- Quote from Brij Sharma, Founder of Expert Shields



Expert Shields PPE is a light and flexible transparent vinyl that is installed easily with Velcro and pins to the roof of any car, truck or SUV. It can be removed with ease at any time and can be cleaned without difficulty. Brij and his team have successfully created a product that provides much needed comfort and safety for many of us in challenging times and are extremely humbled in knowing what Expert Shields will do for those who need it.